These recent storied transactions were outside the guidelines of traditional funding sources. The Stratford Edge worked closely with these clients, understood their businesses and got them the financing they needed.

Commercial Bakery-
Financed an $87,000 labor-saving packaging line for this commercial bakery.
Issue: Client had large deficit retained earnings due to old losses.

Gas Station Owner-
Financed $130,000 for EPA required renovation.
Issue: Funded pumps and tanks, environmentally risky for Lenders

Financed $600,000 for an emerging biotech company in need of cutting-edge laboratory equipment.
Issue: Client in development stage with large operating losses.

Franchise Start-up-
Financed $45,000 of kitchen equipment for start-up franchise sandwich shop.
Issue: Business start-up issue addressed by backing the transaction with additional collateral (co-signers and second position on house).

Recent Transactions